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Starting your Salsa Collection

So, you've taken your first few Salsa lessons and now you want to buy some CDs, so you can get a feel for the music and maybe practice at home.

But where do you start? How do you know what to buy?

Well, here are some good CDs to get started with. They have a lot of good tracks on them and a lot of the music is stuff you'll hear in the clubs.

I've also tried to include a variety of different Salsa styles, so that there's something for you whichever style of Salsa you're learning.

Buying with Confidence over the Internet

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The service offered here uses, giving you all the protection and security they offer their customers. provides excellent customer service and a wide range of delivery options to both UK and worldwide customers. protects personal information as a matter of policy. For more information, look at their payment options and security and privacy.

Beginners Guide to Salsa

This 3 CD set was put together by one of the UK's own top Salsa DJs, DJ Lubi from Leeds. It has a wide variety of music to choose from, with the first CD building up, the second CD picking up the pace and the third CD pulling all the stops out.
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Fania All Stars

The Fania all stars were formed by Fania records in the early 70's and the line-up reads like a "who's who" of the New York Salsa scene of the time, including Johnny Pacheco, Ray Barretto, Willie Colon, Larry Harlow, Roberto Roena and Bobby Valentin. Guests included Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Cheo Feliciano.
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Llego ... Van Van

Los Van Van are one of the biggest Cuban bands, consistently popular since they were formed in 1969. This is their most recent studio album (released on the 30th anniversary) and has loads of great tracks for dancing Cuban Salsa.
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Mandali, by Africando

Africando have been consistently popular for many years now. Mandali is their fifth album and has loads of danceable tracks on it. You will know a good number of these tracks from your local Salsa club.
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Spanish Harlem Orchestra

This album brings together many great musicians, to document the contribution that Spanish Harlem has made to the Latin music scene. As it says on the case, the album is Harlem's answer to Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club.
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Heavy Salsa, by Sonora Carruseles

Now for a bit of Colombian Salsa. This album is not played so much in the clubs any more, but a couple of years back, you couldn't go to any Salsa club without hearing 3 or 4 tracks from this CD. If you want to check out some Colombian Salsa, this is a good place to start.
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