Subject: Visiting London - Where to dance?
From: zain (Zain Khandwala)
Date: 8th Jan 2007, 5:23 am

Hi All,

I'm glad I stumbled upon this site! I'm a salsero from San Francisco, and will be visiting family in London for 10 days beginning the 20th of this month (Jan). I'm hoping to get as much dancing in as possible during my stay, and am wondering if you can point in the direction of the more "happening" clubs on the various nights of the week. I'm comfortable dancing both on-1 and on-2, though I'm not really into the Cuban scene (which I understand to be fairly big over there).

I'm not sure exactly where in London I'll be, but I'm guessing that places which are accessible by public transit would be preferable.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting and dancing with you all ...

Cheers, Zain (