British Salsa Congress 2003


Seriously Salsa, producers of Europe's largest salsa festival, are bringing the best of British and International performers together for an unparalleled weekend of salsa shows, workshops and dancing.

Grupo X and Jimmy Bosch
Jimmy Bosch, one of New York's premier band leaders, and first class trombonist.

Nancy Ortiz and Leon Rose!!!
Neither of whom need any introduction, are performing together for the first time anywhere in the world. Not to be missed!

First time performing in the UK, director Osmar Perrones, ex Santo Rico dancer. This awesome new troupe, one of the hottest new properties in New York, performing their UK debut at The British.

Griselle Ponce's new troupe
Again, a UK debut for a phenomenal troupe lead by none other than Caribbean Soul's Griselle Ponce.

Fogarate Dance Project
Debut Performances by another brand new troupe from the US, lead by one of the Mambo world's finest dancers Juan Matos. The first UK appearance for this troupe.

All of this, plus world debut shows from other international performers such as Caribbean Soul, The CoboBrothers and many many more.

I'm here with Tony and Colette of Seriously Salsa, talking about their upcoming event - The Second British Salsa Congress. This is the second Salsa Congress you have organised. Perhaps you could start by telling us something about the first one?

The first british salsa congress was a vision that we both shared some 2 years earlier. It took that time to plan, research the world's best performers and teachers, and put together the largest salsa congress in europe.

And what were the highlights of the first Congress for you?

Undoubtably for me, the first night at about midnight, when i got into the main party room, to see 2000 people dancing in one room, from over 18 countries was for me an emotional experience. It had been two years of incredibly hard work, but that moment made it all worth while. Other highlights included the shows, the atmosphere in the skyline pavillion (chill out area for guests), and of course, coaches home... Sleep at last!!!

Well that sounds like it was an amazing event. What are you going to be doing this year to top it?

Debut shows from world class performers. There are a few incredible new troupes just formed in the US and UK of course. Troupes like Yamulee and Fogarate will be making their UK debuts. These guys rock! And of course, lets not forget Jimmy Bosch, band leader and trombonist from NY will be appearing with Grupo X. Don't know how we'll top that next year.

Can you tell us anything about the "Salsa Idol" event or is it all a big secret?

An interactive experience, lots of people have fed back that they would love the opportunity to get on stage in a low pressure enviroment. So... some of the best choreographers in salsa (Ismael Otero, Emma Moore, Juan Matos etc) will be guiding some participants into putting together a short piece to perform on the last night. The piece will ultimately be down to the performers, but these guys will give some structure to the piece.

Well, thank you for your time. I'm guessing that you must be quite busy now that the Congress is so close, so I'll finish there.

Milton Cobo
James Cobo

Nancy Ortiz (with Eddie Torres)

Hacha Y Machete
Hacha Y Machete