Interview with Mel C from Carpe Diem
Friday 27th August 2004
.question {font-style: italic; color: #000066} .answer {padding: 0px 0px 0px 36px} I'm with Mel Carpenter, founder of the Carpe Diem Dance Company out of Birmingham. I recently saw her second show (a two-hander with her and Alicia - Co-Director of Carpe Diem) which looks set to repeat the success of her first show (a five person Salsa show, with additional Missy Elliot moments). She premiered her new show at Latin Motion in Birmingham and is now taking it to London Salsa Congress and The UK Salsa Congress.
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 Carpe Diem Show at Latin Motion
Tuesday 17th August 2004
The 6th August saw the first performance of a new show by Mel and Alicia (from Carpe Diem), at Latin Motion in Birmingham. The show was New York influenced, with great choreography and was very well received by the crowd. Here are some photos from the night.
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 Salsa International 5 at Pakefield
Thursday 1st July 2004
It's been a while since I've been to a Pontins weekender (the one I went to most recently was the Cuban weekender early in 2003). So I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Salsa International 5 at the Pontins site at Pakefield. This event was the 27th Pontins Salsa weekender, organised as always by Cressida Childs and Club Cubana.
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 The 2004 Paris Congress
Tuesday 8th June 2004
I hadn't been to a congress outside the UK for over a year, so when some of my friends started to talk about going to the Paris Salsa Congress, organised by Salsabor, I was well up for it. Here are my thoughts about the congress and some photos.
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 Salsology Launch Night
Sunday 16th May 2004
Friday 14th May saw Manchester putting itself back on the Salsa map of the UK, with the launch of a new, pure Salsa night - Salsology. Organised by Emma, Mushi and Kate, Salsology is intended to give the Salsero everything he or she needs. The venue is excellent, with a large wooden dance floor, a good sound system and plenty of space to sit around and chill.
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 British Salsa Congress 2003
Tuesday 25th November 2003
Seriously Salsa, producers of Europe's largest salsa festival, are bringing the best of British and International performers together for an unparalleled weekend of salsa shows, workshops and dancing.
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 Demetris' Party, August 2003
Tuesday 26th August 2003
Demetris Salsa party last year was a big success. So, when Demetris announced that he would be throwing another one over the August Bank Holiday weekend, everyone was looking forward to it for weeks. It was a great success, with plenty of space to dance, air conditioning, food laid on and music from DJ Mike Parr (The Latin Experience), DJ Frisco and DJ SpinDocta.
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 Latin Madness at the UK Salsa Congress
Friday 8th August 2003
The British and European premiere of the smash hit New York show Over 20 New York dancers, top comedians and musicians make up this pulsating new musical and dance extravaganza that guides you through the history of Mambo in America.
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 Salsa International 2
Monday 24th March 2003
Salsa International 2 was organised at the extremely nice Radisson Hotel at Manchester Airport, by Seriously Salsa. They had an excellent line-up of teachers including Super Mario and Susana Montero from the UK, the Cobo Brothers, Samantha Erskine and Diana Munoz from New York and Mario B from New Jersey.
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